about us

The denkwerkstatt grenzenlos is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany. We think of the world from a practical point of view, develop participatory projects, and implement them together with partners. In this regard, we build bridges between the public, science, art, cultural life, economy, and politics.

Formally speaking, our company is an entrepreneurial company. In substance, it is a workshop for all those who want to leave behind their habits of thought, their roles and limits in order to experience new ways of thinking and to take on unfamiliar roles.

However, our company is limitless in a physical sense, too. Our events are not bound to one particular place. Mobility, of course, allows for cooperation according to which other actors have the opportunity to be present in various places throughout our activities. We are locally present and love to share this presence with those who identify with our goals and wish to support our projects.

The founder and director of the denkwerkstatt grenzenlos is Dr. Claus Langbehn (with an academic career in philosophy). Claus is an author and editor of various monographs and edited books. A professorship and research stays have led him to Brazil, China, and the US where he lived in Princeton and Chicago. Now is the time, however, to set out on a new journey in order to combine theory and practice. For more on this visit www.clauslangbehn.com.