about us

The denkwerkstatt grenzenlos is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany. We think of the world from a practical point of view, conceptualize and develop projects and events, and implement them together with partners. Indeed, we have ideas and the courage to make them come true. We work together with local institutions, foundations, academic institutions, people from civic society, culture and art, and administrations on the level of communities and federate states.

Formally speaking, our company is an entrepreneurial company. In substance, it is a workshop for all those who want to leave behind their habits of thought, their roles and limits in order to experience new ways of thinking and to take on unfamiliar roles.

The founder and director of the denkwerkstatt grenzenlos is Dr. Claus Langbehn (with an academic career in philosophy). Claus is an author of various monographs and editor of several publications including the Handbuch Verantwortung. A professorship and research stays have led him to Brazil, China, and the US where he lived in Princeton and Chicago. Now is the time, however, to set out on a new journey in order to combine theory and practice. The groundwork for this is his latest book called Kultur des Selbstdenkens. Versuch über öffentliche Philosophie (2022), which Claus interprets as a kind of backing book with regard to the founding and work of the denkwerkstatt grenzenlos.

For more on Claus and his work etc. visit www.clauslangbehn.com.

Claus began his work on the themed world in 2018, being inspired and guided by the photos that he took while travelling the world:

Life in the Digital Age
A person on the driving seat of a car – not driving, somewhere in Berlin, Germany (2017)

Planet and Nature
Parinacota in Bolivia – breathing hard, not the mountain, though (2014)

Home and Globalization
Temple in Hangzhou, China – and advertising space: not belonging to the temple (2014)

Health and Happiness
Garden in Sardinia, Italy – and calm, motion, perception (2018)

Religion and Science
Two buildings in Montreal, Canada – coexisting peacefully (2016)

Time and Life
Musicians in Berlin, Germany – at the Landwehr Canal: apart and being for themselves (2019)

Being lonely and Being alone
People on a garden bench in Sardinia, Italy – having no eye contact (2018)

Society and Politics
Dome of the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany – not free-floating (2018)

Bildung and Career
Squirrel in Grand Teton National Park, USA – sitting, not using a chair (2015)

Identity and Responsibility
NK Doege in her atelier in Leipzig, Germany – standing in front of a painting on a canvas stand (2018)